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Welcome to the British Medical Laser Association
ISLSM 2015
The 21st Biennial meeting of the International Society for Laser Surgery and Medicines (ISLSM) is to be held on 19th to 22nd August, 2015 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. 

The purpose of the ISLSM is to promote the application of lasers in Surgery and Medicine. Hence this conference has been fabricated to foster in the participants a depth of knowledge of this cutting edge technology through various deliberations, free papers and hands on training modules.

BMLA members and those with an interest in medical or surgical lasers have been invited to present their work or to join the conference and learn more about the roles of lasers in these fields.

Prof. Kao, past president of ISLSM, has offered 10 Travel Grants of US$1000 each for 10 best papers presented at the conference.

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Laser and Aesthetics Europe 2015
Convened by the European Laser Association,  Laser and Aesthetics Europe 2015 will be the 16th annual Congress of the European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery and the Annual congress of the Dutch Aesthetic Laser Association- DALA.

International speakers from different fields of laser, aesthetic plastic surgery, dermatology and other specialties will give plenary and keynote lectures. The scientific program should attract young doctors and scientists in training as well as established physicians of different specialties and researchers. This will be supplmented by Master Classes and Workshops to offer updated information on clinical applications of energy, light and laser based technology.

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International Year of Light

The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL 2015) was proclaimed during the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly at the end of last year.

This is a chance to raise public awareness at the diverse applications of light in modern life, including medical and aesthetic treatments and diagnostics.

There is a particular focus on the science underlying the work that we do.  This is an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of our work in the public and political arenas.

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The IYL webpage,  or contribute as a blogger on the official IYL2015 blog.