About us

The British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) was founded in 1980 and is the leading society for medical lasers in the UK. It’s membership comprises a wide range of individuals, including dermatologists, surgeons, nurses, beauty therapists, manufacturers, researchers and safety advisors. The BMLA is a Registered Charity No. 800062

The British Medical Laser Association is a scientific society established to:

  • Promote the safe operation of lasers and light based technology in the treatment of human diseases.
  • Promote research and development in laser and light based technology in medicine and by the publication of the useful results of such research.
  • Establish standards in the medical application of lasers and light based technology.
  • Promote collaboration and understanding between clinical and scientific disciplines in the field of laser and light based technology application.

Clare Beach

Clare Beach
BMLA Association and Conference Manager
email: office@bmla.co.uk
Mobile: +44 (0)7584 176583
Office: +44 (0)1803 732362

Vishal Madan

Vishal Madan MBBS (Hons).MD.FRCP
BMLA President 

Dr Vishal Madan is a fully qualified and GMC recognised (on Specialist Register) Consultant Dermatologist.
email: vishal.madan@srft.nhs.uk
website: www.ukdermatologist.co.uk

Vasant Oswal

Vasant Oswal MBBS, DORL, MS, DLO, FRCS
BMLA Vice-President 

Vasant Oswal is an Emeritus Consultant Otolaryngologist at the James Cook University and a recognized world authority in Lasers in ENT.
email: voswal@aol.com

Harry Mosley

Prof. Harry Mosley
Emeritus President of the BMLA
email: h.moseley@dundee.ac.uk

Stan Batchelor

Stan Batchelor
Laser and Radiation Protection Adviser.
email: standadviser@gmail.com

Raman Bhutani

Raman Bhutani MBBS, MRCP(UK), MRCP (Derm), PG ME(Dundee)
GMC recognised (on Specialist Register) Consultant Dermatologist.
Dr Raman Bhutani is a Consultant Dermatologist with specialist interest lasers at Salford NHS Trust , Manchester, UK
email: raman.bhutani@srft.nhs.uk

Jon Exley

Dr Jon Exley PhD, MBA
BMLA Honorary Secretary
Managing Director, Lynton
email: jexley@lynton.co.uk
website: www.lynton.co.uk

Kathy Fan

email: kathy.fan@kcl.ac.uk


Reem Hanna
Associate Specialist in Department of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery, King’s College Hospital.
Registered specialist oral surgeon and honorary senior lecturer at UCL/Eastman Dental Institute.
email: reemhanna@hotmail.com

Tom Lister

Tom Lister
Physicist at Salisbury District Hospital
His interests include skin laser treatments and research into optical diagnostics.
email: tom.lister@salisbury.nhs.uk

Sanjay Rajpara

Dr Sanjay Rajpara MD (I), FRCP
Consultant Dermatologist, Derm(Mohs) surgeon and laser specialist NHS Grampian and NHS Tayside, BMI Albyn hospital, SKn Aberdeen, ACE dermatology ltd.
email: sanjay.rajpara@nhs.net

Samira Syed

Paediatric Dermatologist, Great Ormond Street Hospital
email: SamiraBatul.Syed@gosh.nhs.uk
website: www.gosh.nhs.uk/