Welcome to BMLA membership registration

The British Medical Laser Association is the UK’s leading advocate for the safe operation of lasers and light-based technology in the treatment and diagnosis of human disease. This is achieved through:

  • The promotion of research and development in laser and light-based technology in medicine
  • Establishing standards in the medical application of lasers and light-based technology
  • Promoting collaboration and understanding between clinical and scientific disciplines in the field of laser and light-based technology application

However, this could not be achieved without significant input from a multidisciplinary body of knowledge. The British Medical Laser Association membership includes clinicians and surgeons from a broad range of specialities, nurses and allied health professional, scientists, laser protection advisors and equipment manufacturers.

By joining the BMLA, you will have the opportunity to help continue the development of safer and better ways of applying lasers and light-based technologies in medicine.

Basic membership costs £45 and includes:

  • Discounted fees for the BMLA Annual Conference
  • A PDF certificate
  • Access to Facebook Group (Members are welcome to post anonymised details of difficult to manage cases for opinions/ recommendations from fellow members but please bear in mind that patient details should never be posted.)

Full membership costs £95 and includes all of the above plus:

  • ELA membership*
  • On-line access to the Lasers in Medical Science journal (LIMS)

Please note, BMLA were informed on 4th December 2019 that due to a lack of demand, the print edition of the journal will be discontinued as of January 2020. Society members will continue to be able to purchase online subscriptions to the journal but print subscriptions will no longer be available.

BMLA annual membership runs for twelve months from January to December. Applications received later in the calendar year may be deferred to the beginning of the next membership year if requested.


A Certificate of Membership will be emailed to you once your membership and payment is complete and will be dated from the commencement of the membership. Please ensure that a valid email address is provided on the application form for this purpose.

Members are please requested to familiarise themselves with the information provided on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

*Full BMLA membership means the member is also a member of European Laser Association and can benefit from a discounted fee structure provided by the organisers of any annual ELA-convened conference advertised on BMLA website. E.g. the 2019 conference is in Romania and 2020 in Peru. Members can also participate in wider discussions at a European level on matters relating to laser applications in surgery and medicine. You won’t receive a separate certificate of membership for the ELA. Your BMLA certificate means you are also a member of the ELA. Please see their website for further explanation.